Origin & History


「晩翠」という語は 詩人・英文学者 土井晩翠(1871-1952)の筆名の元ともなった
中国 北宋の宰相・詩人 范質(911-964)の詩 「戒従子杲」
「物盛則必衰 有隆還有替 速成不堅牢 亟走多顛躓 灼灼園中花 蚤発還先萎
 遅遅澗畔松 鬱鬱含晩翠 賦命有疾徐 青雲難力致 寄語謝諸郎 躁進徒為耳」

筆は 千家十職(12代 永楽善五郎)の 永楽和全(1823-1896)の

The word "Bansui" is derived from the Fan Zhi’s poetry.
( Fan Zhi 【911-964】 was the Northern Song Dynasty prime minister and a poet.)
The meaning of the word is the “Green of pine in the severe and white winter” or “ Late bloomer”.
(Doi Bansui 【1871-1952】, The famous poet and English scholar of Japan was named the pen name from the word "Bansui".)

This Kakemono Calligraphy has been written by Eiraku Wazen 【Eiraku Zengoro Ⅻ (1823-1896) one of “Senke-Jisshoku”】.
This Calligraphy is the last year of work that he died,and has been sealed “Kahinshiryu” seal.